Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beach Cat

As we walked along the pebbled beach, a small cat decided to tag along for our trek.  It followed closely and plodded on through sand and seaweed, across rocks and pebbles.  We watched in hope that it knew where it was headed.  We had a fair walk ahead of us and this cat wasn't going to give up so easily.

So as we moved along the trail, things got more treacherous and the rocks got slippy and wet.  The slow paced stroll across the beach suddenly became an adventure across uneven and dangerous terrain.  If the trail was dry things would have been much different but the seaweed almost got the better of us a few times.

Our journey with the beach cat ended just after the bridge as the cat made it's own way up the cliff-side. Our journey ended at a pub where we had dinner and drinks to celebrate our safe arrival. =]

The previous days we had visited various café's along St Aubin's bay.
And then of course there was the fantastic sand sculpture.

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