Sunday, February 19, 2012

Delta Force Paintball site - Yankeewood

On Saturday 18th February 2012, a team of us went to the 'Delta Force' paintball site known as 'Yankeewood' in Lancashire. It was Gary's birthday party and it was a fantastic day. I took my GoPro HD Hero 2 camera to film some of the footage. The battery ran out halfway through the day so the footage was quite limited. The video can be watched in full HD here:

The moments we missed on film.

It was a 'Plant the Bomb' mission. We had a bomb like object and had to assault a base and place the bomb inside to win. Me and Gary flanked the base, Gary carrying the bomb and myself with a riot shield. We took out several shooters form our flanking position. I moved up alone with the riot shield creating a huge distraction while Gary placed the bomb to win the game. Some excellent teamwork that game.

Unfortunately the day was slightly ruined by unsporting conduct on the opposing team, wiping off paint and not leaving when hit. I hit this guy five times on the knee and watched him wipe off the paint every time. I shot riot shield squads to hell and back on there feet and shins but they just dropped low and wiped off paint.
Also there were many members of our team who didn't really do much as you can see in my video while I'm taking out snipers in towers and campers in huts, other team players are just standing there looking bewildered.

All in all I had an amazing day and even though we didn't win, at least we played honestly and fairly and totally enjoyed every moment of it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rolling out on 24's

Well, I'm almost ready to start free-ride mountain biking again. I decided it was time to get back into it since I'm so close to North Wales and other great downhill/freeride spots.

I managed to get some fairly good deals in the sales over the past month.
Apologies for the low quality pictures. (Webcam and phone cam)

No Fear, Full Face Phantom Red helmet with me inside.

New video camera to mount on top of the helmet.
GoPro HD Hero 2 - Outdoor edition

Last but not least, the DH/Freeride bike to tear up the trails.
Kona Stinky 2007 - 24" wheels

Next step, to get out and ride some trails and make a video or two. Updates to follow.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Round the Devils Kitchen

Today involved some radical fun up the Glyder mountain range in North Wales. Such a rewarding type of exercise, with adrenaline from heights and scary climbs, beautiful views and fun in the snow. What better way to spend a Sunday.
Most people had not long gone to bed after their Saturday night mayhem drinking in town. I was getting up and ready for an adventure! Ahh the benefits of not being a social drinking sheep! Instead I was a mountain goat! Haha!

Check out the video from some clips of today, taken with my HTC Sensation.

Unfortunately I couldn't capture some of the hairiest, scariest moments. There was no way I could operate a phone while sliding down a steep path of snow, 3ft wide, with a 1500ft drop just a foot to my right.

So the extreme bits are stored in my memory banks for as long as I can remember them!

I think maybe I should purchase the HD Hero 2 helmet cam to capture more awesome footage for next time! :D