Sunday, February 5, 2012

Round the Devils Kitchen

Today involved some radical fun up the Glyder mountain range in North Wales. Such a rewarding type of exercise, with adrenaline from heights and scary climbs, beautiful views and fun in the snow. What better way to spend a Sunday.
Most people had not long gone to bed after their Saturday night mayhem drinking in town. I was getting up and ready for an adventure! Ahh the benefits of not being a social drinking sheep! Instead I was a mountain goat! Haha!

Check out the video from some clips of today, taken with my HTC Sensation.

Unfortunately I couldn't capture some of the hairiest, scariest moments. There was no way I could operate a phone while sliding down a steep path of snow, 3ft wide, with a 1500ft drop just a foot to my right.

So the extreme bits are stored in my memory banks for as long as I can remember them!

I think maybe I should purchase the HD Hero 2 helmet cam to capture more awesome footage for next time! :D

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