Friday, January 27, 2012

Time To Give Up Procrastination

Well, I've been back in UK since the end of summer 2011.
I had to find a job really quickly but, with the way things are at the moment, jobs were hard to come by.
My family home in Greasby had been put up for sale. My brother, Barney, couldn't find a job so he had to shoot off travelling so he could work away. My mum bought a house in France with Karl so they could retire and live off the land.
In my opinion they could have saved a hell of lot more on their joint wage first. Just another two years would have done it but hey! Impulse buying runs in the family! Haha!

I managed to find a job in Chester through recommendation. It's really good.
Nice little kitchen studio with my own office where I look after all the designs.
The bosses gave me the flat upstairs to stay in, rent free which is saving me a fortune in travel expenses etc!

Had my first car crash on the motorway early January. Was pretty scary! But I'm okay!
Just gutted that it wasn't my fault and the other guy got away. Now it all comes out of my expense.

No news on the cage fighting just yet but it has been confirmed that I will be re-appearing at Rumble On The Rock. I'm just working on getting fit again now.

My main goal this year is to finish my book, ready for publishing. I've really put some effort in to this and it would be silly to stop now! So.. watch this space. I'm currently at about 6000 words! So only another 80,000 to go! Haha!

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