Saturday, August 28, 2010

Plemont Bay

Me and my boss went down to Plemont after work to do some photography. It had been raining most of the day but when we got there the sky cleared and we managed to take some nice shots! I haven't seen any of Gary's photo's yet because he's away until Tuesday. I took all my shots hand held because I still haven't got my tripod. Some of the shots came out okay though!

View from the cave at Plemont

This also looks like a great climbing spot and I'm probably going to head down there again with my climbing gear  when I find someone to come with me.
This is my manager Gary Power! Such a great guy!
I'm also working on a project now, I have some creative writing to do! I have an idea that could ending up going in a few different directions. The initial plan is to write the photo-comic and play. See how it goes! I'll update this with sneak peeks as it progresses! =]

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Water!!!

Wow, some flippin rain today! It rained so much the roads and some flats have flooded above the curbs. While I was in work, four sections of the roof leaked and water was raging into the showrooms. So that was a little bit of excitement! Shame I didn’t have my camera with me to show you the immense rainfall we just experienced!

Friday, August 20, 2010


LOOK I seen a lizard in de grass basking in da sun avin a good ol' time!

I wish I had my camera with me in work today because I saw the HUGEST moth fighting a spider. The poor moth was trapped inside a section of the window and the spider was trying to bite the moth. But the moth kept fluttering and bashing the spider away. The spider tried to sneak behind some debris and catch the moth unaware but the moth was panicking and smashing about; desperately trying to escape the fangs of it's enemy. 

The moth managed to calm down in the end and crawl through a gap. I imagine the moth is now enjoying some good company in his local pub telling his wild story to all the ladies! 

Here's a pic I took in my mind! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This week has been amazing.
One of my best mates Mike came over from the mainland with Marie on a very last minute crazy schedule. It was awesome though we got quite a bit done! Pity I only had the one day off though!

Bit of party time on Sunday night with Jay, Sam, Mike, Marie and Paul. 

Then today me and Mike swam in the sea and went climbing. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Fair and Havre Des Pas festival!

It was so nice today! The weather was gorgeous and I made damn sure I was out in the sun!

So I went to the fair to meet Skippy, Gloopy and Chris. To my surprise it was Chris's Birthday!

From Left to Right - Skippy, Chris's Girlfriend (Sorry I forgot your name!), Chris and Gloopy!

I enjoyed taking photographs of everyone, it was ace!
They all went on the games to win cuddly toys and stuff. Skippy annihilated the rifle range, and then Gloopy shocked us all!

This game right here is meant to be virtually impossible... But Gloopy hit it sweet!
So anyway, the gypo behind the stall was shocked at the thought of someone claiming such a good prize like a £10 note or that Super Remote Control Helicopter you can see in the background of the picture. He quickly said... "For a win you can take one of these big teddies!"
Gloopy promptly replied.. "No way! I want a helicopter!"
The poor gypo stuttered and stammered and with great disappointment he handed Gloopy the EPIC RC Chopper!

You should have seen the disappointment and surprised looks on the gypo's faces!

Epic win for the team!
Gloopy on the other hand had this kind of face...!!!
<--------------    (^.^)/   WIN!!

Here's some more pics from the fair!


Skippy on the ROTOR, stuck to the wall with the rotational g-force!
Here it is in fast motion...

Then there was the Havre Des Pas Festival..

Just went the Havre Des Pas to enjoy a bit of sun and see a few people!

I think Skippy enjoyed the noodle stand! Although it made me really hungry watching him eat that so shortly after I went home for my curry!

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<---Jess and Callum

<----- Skippy and Sophy

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This has been my best Saturday off in a long time!
My Uncle Pete and his girlfriend Hayley are over on holiday so I met up with them for lunch at the 'Crab Shack' in St Brelade. After that my Uncle Chris met up with us and we went out on his speedboat.

With Chris as the driver of the boat I was certain we were all in for a rough ride. The speed limit on a 'wing' on 'Donut' is around 20-25 knots. If you went on holiday and had a go then they'd more than likely be going this fast. Thanks to my trusty Uncle I easily doubled that speed if not a little faster when slingshotting! At those speeds the water feels more like packed sand and it hurts to have your feet dragging behind, never mind face planting.

Anyway I came off the wing at a stupidiculous speed and winded myself to hell and back and my ribs are sore to the touch.. so thanks for that Chris nice one.. haha!

Here are some pics of today's events! CLICK TO ENLARGE!! =]
My Uncle Peter and his girlfriend Hayley
My Uncle Chris on his little boat used to get to
the speedboat!

Hayley's funny face

Pete's funny face

Chris's silly face

My Dad!

Me almost taking off!

Me at some speed!

My Uncle Pete and his wipeout!