Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jersey - The First Week

Not much has happened this week, most of my time has been spent either visiting friends or getting myself set up with a bank account and things.

I bought myself a little 50cc scooter.  It's pretty handy to nip around Jersey on to be honest! It's a bit slow but it's only until I can afford a car.

Some of you may have already seen some of the photographs I uploaded.  I took some at the skate park and yesterday I took some of the sand racing. The sand racing photos didn't turn out very well at all because of the distance I had to stand from the track.  Rubbish health and safety regulations!!! Although saying that, my Dad knows one of the racers so I might be able to get past the marshals to do some good close up photography! Scary stuff with cars flying past at stupid miles per hour!

I took my camera out with me to the 'Royal Yacht' and everyone thought I was an event photographer and started asking me to take photo's haha! I just had to tell everyone my battery was dead. So anyway I escaped the nightmarishly packed club known as 'The Royal Yacht' and rode home on my scooter!

Anyway definitely check out the photographs I took below from this week!

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