Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Started Work!!

My new job is great. I've been dropped in the deep end of the pool and been told to swim to the other side. Lucky I've swam before eh! I think it's great that they have left me to my own devices because I can actually use some initiative and intelligence that I've not been able to run wild with for at least 2 years. My computer games testing job at Sony saw to that! 

I watched my boss falling asleep sitting up today... He was still clicking his mouse with his eyes closed for about 10 seconds before his head dropped and woke him up again! I was laughing and trying not to let him notice that I was laughing... and that made me laugh more.. legend!

It's taken 3 days to get my passwords set up on the system. I'm now waiting for them to find me somewhere to put a desk for me. I'm desk sharing at the moment! 

Everything else is going great here too! Nice meals with Sam and my Dad, nice sea fresh air etc.

Doing a bit of training everyday and I'm starting to see and feel a difference! That's just motivated me to keep it up and do more training! More on the training in my next blog anyway!

Here's a pic of me and my Dad in the Garden. We were about to play that reflex game in which you get electric shocks for being slowest to push the button... 

And here's me getting shocked because Dad pressed my button for me like a big cheating sadistic tyrant!! =P

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