Sunday, August 8, 2010

This has been my best Saturday off in a long time!
My Uncle Pete and his girlfriend Hayley are over on holiday so I met up with them for lunch at the 'Crab Shack' in St Brelade. After that my Uncle Chris met up with us and we went out on his speedboat.

With Chris as the driver of the boat I was certain we were all in for a rough ride. The speed limit on a 'wing' on 'Donut' is around 20-25 knots. If you went on holiday and had a go then they'd more than likely be going this fast. Thanks to my trusty Uncle I easily doubled that speed if not a little faster when slingshotting! At those speeds the water feels more like packed sand and it hurts to have your feet dragging behind, never mind face planting.

Anyway I came off the wing at a stupidiculous speed and winded myself to hell and back and my ribs are sore to the touch.. so thanks for that Chris nice one.. haha!

Here are some pics of today's events! CLICK TO ENLARGE!! =]
My Uncle Peter and his girlfriend Hayley
My Uncle Chris on his little boat used to get to
the speedboat!

Hayley's funny face

Pete's funny face

Chris's silly face

My Dad!

Me almost taking off!

Me at some speed!

My Uncle Pete and his wipeout!

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