Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't just exist, be alive!

Me, Leigh, Cropper and Lou decided to have a last minute barbecue, but it was almost 'game over' before we started. Upon arriving at the supermarket, we went about getting a trolley full of things we needed; plates, cups, cutlery and the like. But when we reached the meat aisles... the emptiness devoured our souls. The shelves were completely vacant. Not a burger in sight. So we picked up a few sausages hoping there may be some frozen burgers further down. We reached the frozen section and there was not a single item on the shelves. The place had been cleaned out by the more prepared members of society. 
The sun was setting on us, and we were still in the supermarket.
"Wait what are these ones... Gluten free? What's wrong with these?" The voice said behind me. Our saviour managed to find packs of frozen burgers in the 'free from' section that nobody else had seemed to notice.
We went through the checkouts and picked up some huge garden candles to ward of mosquitoes. After a quick stop at the local shop for lighter fluid, we set up our barbecue and candles whilst the blood hungry mosquitoes tucked in to their four man banquet. The smoke seemed to help a little but we could only imagine the hordes of flying vampires that waited beyond our protective circle of citronella candles.
The darkness crept up and we began our night time barbecue. 
By the end of the night, both myself and Cropper had several mosquito bites on our hind cheeks. Oh how they itched.
The food was so delicious that we decided we would do it again the next day.

So this time being a lot more prepared we set out on our second adventure early in the day. The weather was stunning, not a cloud in sight. We took our barbecue kit to Helsby Hill and upon our arrival we were again dismayed by our disorganisation. We had no drinks. So Cropper and Leigh went to find a shop while me and Lou marched up the hill to get the barbecues going. We got to the top and spent a good 20 minutes setting up and finding stones to protect the hill from any spreading flames. I took out my lighter and tried to light the first disposable barbecue. It was no good, the lighter would not ignite. Cropper and Lou were already nearly back at the hill and we had no way to light our barbecue, or so we all thought.
Then the idea jumped around my head like an exited puppy. "I KNOW I KNOW!" I shouted.
Without further delay I took apart the broken lighter and removed the spark mechanism. I then doused the end of a dry twig in lighter fluid. Using the spark mechanism to ignite the twig, I was then able to light both barbecues comfortably! 
I did the chef work again and we all enjoyed an awesome lunch on Helsby Hill.

Following the barbecue, we decided we would go to Delamere Forest with the children's pedal Go-Kart that we modified and then named 'Johnny One'. 
Here is the video of the carnage:

The death of 'Johnny One' left us with great memories of fun times. I was determined to find his successor pretty soon after his death. The time had come and I searched everywhere for a replacement. I started to give up hope. Then out of nowhere, a curious looking vehicle edged it's way towards me. It was the one and only 'Zipp Nine' the Go-Kart of Destiny.
He needs a little work before the weekend arrives, but it's only a few things like removing pedals, increasing tyre pressure, tightening some bolts e.t.c.
The Go-Kart of Destiny
'Zipp Nine'

When the earth is dry and the sky is blue, the trials for Johnny One's successor will begin.
I believe in you 'Zipp Nine'. You are the Go-Kart of Destiny!

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