Friday, April 27, 2012

Rain Runner

The running shall continue, wind, rain or shine.
Rivers of rain water riddled the streets. Armed with my running shorts and dry-fit running vest I stepped out in to the open. The rain was so intense that I could feel its weight on me as I began to run. I set my pace and I felt like a soldier, raindrops splashing across my face and dripping from my nose and chin. I mean why wouldn't I when I had the 'Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2' soundtrack playing in my earphones!

I managed 3.5 miles with energy to spare. The run felt better than last time, perhaps because I hydrated properly throughout the day and ate the right foods. So today, even though I was only going to run every other day, I am considering another run.

The cravings for chocolate and biscuits started already, but eating a bowl of cornflakes seems to suppress it well. My colleague planted a custard do-nut on my desk today. It will not be eaten. I told him no but he is making me feel guilty about 'not eating' the do-nut. What a pain. Nice test for the will power though. Now I know I can resist free snacks that smell delicious at least!

Speaking of snacks, a very good friend of mine introduced me to 'Lovetub - Caramel Pudding' about a year ago. Since then, they have disappeared from the places I once found them. They are the best puddings ever when eaten with a decent vanilla ice cream. Perfectly fattening. I had to argue with myself about searching for them in the shops tomorrow. The problem being is... just one tub would be like an 'add 10 stone' pleasure I can't afford. Losing weight is hard work, and anyone that tells you it isn't, is lying and/or doing it wrong.

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