Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life is a Lego set - Just need the right pieces!

In a materialistic age of consumers, who, in their right mind, wouldn't be able to help themselves to the materialism offered so freely to those who have the coin to trade.

I often dream of a life filled with the things I want. Without wants and needs there would be little purpose for our existence. Living on necessity alone will not fulfil our dreams.

I have started thinking about what I want from my life. Since most of it has been spontaneous and reckless, I think at 27 years old, it's about time I looked at a few possible futures. Making them a reality will be the challenge my brain needs. Life is like a Lego set, you just need the right pieces to build it how you want it. At the moment I am gathering my pieces to see what I have acquired so far. Then I will work out what pieces I think I need to build my life model and turn it into a reality. I really don't ask for much, considering it's a full on dream! I mean don't people dream of mansions and glory? My dreams are achievable and that's the beauty of it. I see it as a challenge I will have to work towards. Necessity is already expensive enough and to buy a house would be impossible in my current situation.

So after the rambling and philosophising I will move on to the dream. The life I wish for and the life I should collect the pieces to build for myself.

I want to live in a land with adventurous possibilities. After some research and talks with people who have seen a lot of this world, I have come to a conclusion that the place that would suit me most would be New Zealand.
With places like this to keep my senses well fed ---->
I imagine there is lots to explore and lots to do in a place like this. It seems like a place of variety.

It is said that variety is the spice of life right?
So snowboarding one month and exploring sea caves the next?

Mountain biking in the mountains. Kayaking. Rock climbing. Hiking.
All the other things I love to do, it's all available here! I know I can do all this in UK but... come on.. this place is much nicer right?

So, I began to think how I'd want to get around in this beautiful place. I would need transport. So I was looking at some amazing camper van type vehicles. Primarily, my favourite of all...

The VW Transporter.
JUST WOW!!! All it needs is some nice green footwell lighting. Maybe even some green door handle lights. I know this next one isn't for everyone but I LOVE it....

GREEN UNDER LIGHTS!! Streetglow LED's or something!

This would also have an awesome sub-woofer and sound system (I.C.E.) to blast out some massive noises.

Now all I need are some adventure companions.
I'd like to welcome my favourite animals ever. 
I would be a proud owner of two Huskys.

Names: Havok & Khaos
They are amazing dogs, so beautiful. They would enjoy the adventure as much as I would.
While we are on the topic of companions, the dream of an awesome lady with massively similar ideals would certainly be coming with me if the opportunity should arise. 

Then I conclude my materialistic outburst with a jig of excitement as changes in my life have already begun. Starting with deleting Facebook and separating myself from a false fronted rabble of social network addicts. I'm off that crap, with no withdrawal symptoms at all. I imagine that this blog is acting like a nicotine patch, feeding my addiction to the Internet in acceptable quantity. 

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