Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fat and lazy - Health Kick

Physical training and a good diet was shot to hell almost a year ago with the arrival of a major chest infection. It lasted three whole months. During this time I managed to develop a taste for doing absolutely nothing and eating absolutely everything. Procrastinating at every opportunity, I gradually gained almost 2 stone. From 12 stone to just under 14 stone in the space of a year. 
To break this bad habit it was going to take both mental and physical training.
The first thing I did was fix myself into a good routine for sleeping. Getting a good night sleep and going to bed as early as possible, 10:30pm bed time and 7:00am rise for work nights. Even at the weekend I tried to get to bed before midnight. It only took a week of practice to get into the routine. This mental training works wonders. I already began to feel refreshed and happy about my day.
I introduced better eating habits in the following week but I still got myself a takeaway at the end of the week.

One problem I have with diet is that I don't enjoy fruit at all. So I get 100% fruit smoothies in Asda for £1. Drinking these was much more enjoyable and made it easier to get the healthy natural energy boost.
I don't really enjoy salad very much either. I know tomato is very healthy so I try to use tinned chopped tomato to make pasta dishes. You only need to add a few tasty spices and some chopped onions, peppers and mushrooms for a lovely pasta sauce. My advice is... GET A DEEP BASE GRIDDLE PAN OR NON-STICK FRYING PAN. You will use it for everything! Best of all you need little to no oil when cooking!

Yesterday I got up and got my running kit out of my drawer and placed them on my couch folded in a neat pile.  I knew seeing the running kit after work would be mental inspiration to just get out and do it. So I finished work, and went for a run. I ended up running 3.55 miles in just over 30 minutes. This burns around 500 calories. Then I got home and did 20 minutes of various barbell weight exercises.To put things into perspective, that's a lot of work just to burn off half a Burger King meal...
Did you know..

A 'Whopper' alone is just over 400 calories.
A large fries is 450 calories.
A large soft drink will be around 250 calories..
So... 1100 calories in a meal? Can you really burn that off along with the other meals you eat that day? If you don't/can't you WILL put on weight. 
The average (moderately active) body will burn between 1500 and 2500 calories on its own depending on what you do throughout your day. Walking to the shops, walking around work, cleaning the house etc. 

Not only that but you hardly get any nutrition from a meal like this. You can actually end up feeling tired, down, depressed or the like... all because your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to function correctly.

So after my run and weights session, I went to Asda and bought myself some fresh chillies, mange tout, baby corn, spinach, and a bag of fresh stir-fry vegetables. Then got some fresh egg noodles and some chicken breasts. 
The chicken breast was chopped and any visible fat was removed. Then it was pan fried in garlic and black pepper. I just used a normal deep pan to cook all the vegetables at the same time. Once the spinach had shrunk, I threw the fresh noodles in with the chicken to fry for a few minutes. The noodles were then put in the dish and the veg from the deep pan were put in to the frying pan and stirred for a minute (this was to give the vegetables a chance to take on some of the garlic chicken flavour) 
Then I ate all of it and it was delicious!

Today I am aching all over. I just had some tinned mackerel on toast for lunch and a glass of banana and coconut smoothie. Now it's back to work and hopefully later I shall be doing some core exercises and stretches, nothing too strenuous!

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